Nourish: Learn to cook and bake food that matters


Course Offering Features

  • 14 classes

  • Menu planning

  • Hosting on a budget

  • How to make getting groceries less of a chore

  • Jewish food philosophy


Autumn 2018

Team LEadership

Katie Vogel

Shelly Eizyk (Dumpling Maven)


Food should be delicious. Transformative, even. It should elevate your day. Join Havayah’s Nourish program, a year-long series of cooking and baking classes, to bring more awareness to your eating habits, stronger skills to your kitchen, and new recipes to your table.

Plus, you get a zine for every class you attend to help build up your Jewish recipe box and skills.

Whether you join in for one class or fourteen, we promise you’ll learn more about Jewish food history and philosophy, and will take home amazing food (and some pretty awesome zines).