Kosher at Havayah


Kashrut and Community at Havayah

Our kitchen is strictly kosher. We’re particular about how we wash our veggies. About what hechshers (kosher certifications) we use. And about when and how we cook. You know, like not on the original day of rest.

If you want to learn more about kashrut, or about making your kitchen kosher to the standards of our kitchen, then drop us a line. We’d love to talk and are always excited to bring another kosher kitchen online in our jew-niverse.

First Friday features a kosher, dairy meal lovingly created by your Nourish Team. You can expect a six to seven course feast that features the very best of what Jewish cuisine has to offer. You can bring a bottle of kosher wine or grape juice to share. Want to help cook? We’re always looking for folks with knife skills.

Third Friday features a nut-free vegan potluck. No meat. No dairy. No fish. No eggs. No nuts. For lots of folks, this meets their dietary and spiritual needs. For our community, it lessens the burden of hosting and meal prep for 40-80 people on Shabbat.

The Nourish Team provides a kosher main dish and/or soup, and kosher challah on Third Fridays. Kosher food from our kitchen, and kosher food with an approved hechsher in its original packaging are served from a separate table.  

On Third Fridays, please note that the kitchen is entirely off-limits to food prep, storage, re-heating, and dish-doing. In order to ensure that as many people as possible are comfortable eating in the bayit, and the status of the bayit’s kashrut, you may not borrow serving utensils, prep food in the kitchen, store food in the kitchen, or warm food in the kitchen.  This includes putting utensils in the sink or using the sink to clean up your dishes.

Please respect the space and the diverse kashrut practices of our community members. What’s not a big deal to you may be a make-or-break issue of kashrut for someone else. Please approach all conversations dealing with kashrut—who are we kidding, with everything—with a sense of love, compassion, and curiosity.

We’re all learning and growing at our own pace.