Is Havayah just for young people?

Oh h**** no.

We’re a community for babies to bubbes. We don’t silo folks based on their age or lived experiences and believe that we are a healthier and stronger community when we learn from one another’s diverse lived experiences.


Are you Reform? Conservative? Orthodox? Help. I need a label for you.


Ok, if you need to put a label on it, then Havayah is part of an international movement of independent minyanim.

While we keep kosher and you can expect a fairly traditional service, we have mixed seating, and use music that is emerging from singing communities across the country.

Fundamentally, we are a home for a diverse community of Jews.


I’m not Jewish, but I’m curious. Can I come?

Our home is yours, but keep reading.

We routinely welcome individuals and groups from varied religious and spiritual traditions.

Please understand that our community is not here for proselytizing by outside groups or individuals.

We also ask that you let us know if you’re coming with a group larger than five individuals.


What can I bring to contribute?

Your ruach (spirit). A friend. Maybe a bottle of kosher wine or spirits if you’re excited about that kind of thing.

We’re a kosher community and value making certain that anyone who walks in the door of the bayit is able to eat at our table.

With the exception of Third Friday Vegan Potlucks, food must be prepared in a kitchen approved by the Nourishment Team, or bear a reliable hechsher in its original packaging. Want to get your kitchen approved? Get in touch with us and we’ll talk!

The bayit’s kitchen is available for blocks of time on Wednesdays and Thursdays if you would like to prepare a dish or help with cooking. We always love help in the kitchen.